Spring Cleaning? 3 Living Surprises You May Find in Your Gutters

As spring approaches, so does the need to do some tidying up around your home. One of the most important things to check is your gutters. Over the winter, gutters can easily become filled with leaves and other debris. They can also make a nice winter home for some different living things that can surprise you. The following are some examples of living critters that you may find in your gutters during spring-cleaning:

Small Rodents

Gutters are a small and confined space that makes a perfect living environment for small rodents, especially during the chilly months of winter. Rodents like mice, squirrels, chipmunks, and even possums can make a nice nest inside your gutters. They make a perfect place for these animals because it is a safe place away from predators. They also will nest their young in this space. Some even use this space to save up their food for the winter, so do not be surprised if you see a large stash of acorns and other nuts clogging up your gutters.


Snakes also like to get inside your gutters. While they are also finding little spaces for themselves, they are also attracted to the rodents that live there as well. If a snake realizes that there is a food source for them living in the gutters, they will be back again and again until you get rid of the rodents.


Birds also like to make a home in gutters. They can nest there very nicely using because the nesting material is right there in the gutters. Twigs, leaves, pine straw, and other debris can provide them with some great tools to build a nest. While you may not want to remove a nest, remember the damage that it can cause your to your home, especially if there are multiple nests. If you prefer, you can wait a bit longer until after the nest has hatched before removing the nest. If not, you will also be fighting away mother birds that believe you to be a predator trying to hurt their eggs.

If you want to avoid ever having to deal with living things in your gutters, it is crucial that you maintain them all year long, not only during Spring. To make it easier, you can install gutter covers sold at any hardware store. These mesh-like screens will prevent as much debris from accumulating inside the gutters while also preventing living creatures from getting into them.

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