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Many people don't realize how important of a role the windows in their home play and just how much bigger of a role they could play. By having a clear understanding of the ways you can transform your windows into even more important figures in your house you can get more out of them. Here are three additions for your windows that can change the way you look at them and what they offer you:

Have tint put on the windows

When you open your blinds you can let sunlight in that provides you with a bright and cheerful house during the daytime. The problem is sometimes you can be letting in too much sunlight, especially during the hot season. Too much sun penetrating the windows can end up making your house uncomfortably hot which can lead to higher cooling costs. Also, too much direct sunlight coming straight through can lead to bleached out furniture and flooring.

You can choose from different types of tints that go on the exterior of the windows. Once it is put on, it will allow a good amount of sunlight to come in, but it will also block out a lot of that heat and cut down on the sun bleaching that occurs.

You can choose different shades and colors of tint so you can go with the one that compliments the rest of your house. You can also choose to go with a reflective one that makes your windows look like mirrors. Another added benefit to tint is it prevents people on the outside from seeing right into your home when your shades are open.

Have shutters installed on the windows

If you are looking for window dressings that add to the overall look and feel of your home then you should consider having hardwood shutters installed. You can go with colored shutters that match the trim of your home, white shutters that add a nice touch of charm to your home or just about any other color you choose. Shutters are a fantastic way to add privacy and décor to your house at the same time. For more information, talk to a professional like Snyders Shades & Shutters.

Have awnings installed above the windows

To really decorate the look of your windows you can have awnings installed above them. Along with adding decoration to the windows and helping to make them focal points the awnings also cut down on the amount of sun that makes its way into your home. Just as with shutters, you also have a lot of choices available to you when it comes to the style and color of the awnings you go with.


The more you put into your windows, the more you can get out of them. You always want to make sure you have cracked or broken windows replaced right away. Otherwise, you can have a more difficult time keeping the house the temperature you want, in addition to other problems.


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