Choose Metal Frames For Sliding Patio Doors

Upgrading or installing larger patio doors is a great way to maximize your space and add style to your kitchen area. With larger patio doors, you can create a more accessible pathway between your exterior patio and your kitchen or dining room. You can also let more light into your home. But, there are a lot of things to consider when investing in patio doors. The frame material will effect the maintenance and functionality of the door. This article explains why glass sliding doors with metal frames are ideal in any style of home.

Metal Is Great for Sliding Doors

Metal is a great choice for sliding patio doors, especially oversized doors. A large metal frame is able to support the weight of multiple glass panes. Materials like vinyl, fiberglass, or wood are just too flimsy for such large glass panels. Heavy-duty metal is the safest and most efficient option. Metal doors can be equipped with larger wheels for smoother operation of the sliding mechanism. With a metal frame patio door, you also have the option of a floor-to-ceiling glass pane. Homeowners love these because they let so much light into the kitchen area.

Metal Has a Low Profile Design

Metal is also a great choice for patio doors because it has a low, flat profile design. This means that design of the metal is not the main feature. In fact, you can put wooden casing and molding around your patio doors, making them the most noticeable style element on the fixture. Basically, you aren't using metal because of the style, but rather because it is the most practical and durable product. Modern metal frames are also extremely energy-efficient. While the frame might be stainless steel, the hollow inside can be packed with extra fiberglass insulation. This is extremely important in colder temperatures, where you are constantly battling heat loss through your door and window fixtures.

Metal Is Low Maintenance

Homeowners also love metal because it is a low-maintenance product. Your metal sliding door will be painted using electrostatic techniques. This paint finish is super durable, fade resistant, scratch-proof, and long lasting. You will probably never need to paint or touch up your metal doors unless they get damaged by severe impact.

When it comes to sliding patio doors, especially if you want large, floor-to-ceiling glass fixtures, metal frames are definitely the way to go. Contact a company like Royal Exteriors LLC to learn more.

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