3 Factors To Consider When Replacing Your Entry Door

The entry door, located in the front of your property, is more than just a gateway inside your home. It's an expression of your particular tastes and helps bring other exterior elements together. If this door has seen better days and it's time for a replacement, focus on these factors. 


When it comes to home renovations, you always want to establish a budget to avoid overspending. You'll need to create one before looking at entry doors, as they vary substantially in price. Generally, you'll pay more for doors that have extra features. The entry door may be classified as energy-efficient or have weather protection. Although you'll pay more for these add-ons, their long-term benefits outweigh the upfront costs. 

Other factors that affect cost are painting and staining. If you can't simply fit these services into your budget, consider a door that already has the right paint or stain you're looking for. You then won't have to pay for additional labor. 


How long your entry door lasts depends mostly on the materials it's made out of. Some doors are stronger than others. One of the best materials in terms of durability is steel. You don't have to worry about it warping when exposed to extreme temperatures, and steel doors today are pretty affordable. 

If you opt for wood, know that the door could warp and crack over time. That's why if you choose this material, the wood species needs to be high-quality. African mohagony is an extremely durable wood species you might consider that comes in a beautiful dark tone.  

Fiberglass doors are ideal if you're looking for improved energy-efficiency. Best of all, they can be painted to look exactly like authentic wood. 


Just like with door materials, there are plenty of entry door styles to select from. Weighing your options is important because the style ultimately affects the overall curb appeal of your property. Some of the most popular include rustic, modern, traditional, and arched.

Rustic styles incorporate a lot of wood and typically are featured in cabins and log-built dwellings. They provide a warmth that's hardly matched by other styles. If your home is newer, though, modern styles may be more appropriate. They feature sleek, straight lines coupled with translucent glass. 

As a homeowner, it's imperative that you take some time to choose an appropriate entry door replacement. When chosen correctly, you can improve your home's exterior aesthetics and greet family and guests in a warm way.

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