Window Replacement Tips For Highest Quality

Are your windows getting old, or are difficult to open/close? Is there condensation between the panels or are you feeling drafts through your windows? It may be time to replace your windows.

So what do you look out for to ensure your residential window replacement is successful?


Do the windows you want to buy serve your needs? How easy are they to open, close or clean? How much air do they let in?

Energy Efficiency

The window is a major outlet for heat during cold months.  So energy efficiency should be a major consideration when replacing your windows. Look out for the energy star. This shows that the window has been certified as energy-efficient.

Also consider the U-value and SHG number. A low U-value means less heat lost in colder months while a low SGH number will keep your home cooler during summer.

Windows can have single, double or triple panes. Triple panes offer the best insulation while single panes are the least insulated.


Consider the type of glass you choose, especially around sensitive areas like the shower. For greater safety, go for tempered glass. In case of an accident, tempered glass will break into small blunt pieces rather than sharp pointed shards.Look at weatherproofing features, such as storm shutters or impact resistant glass.

Good Fit

Get an exact fit for your window. This will ensure there is no draft. Test for drafts by holding a candle next to the window to see if it flickers.  Remember to make room for insulation.


This depends on your home type, interior and exterior décor and your personal taste. Make sure  

the window type you choose complements the rest of your décor.

When it comes to style, you have many options to choose from: From single hung, double hung and casement style windows to sliding, awning and bow windows.

Material for Frames

Choose your window frames with care. While wood may be aesthetically appealing, it can sag over time, causing your windows to lose shape.

You will also need to stain them more often. Aluminum frames are poor insulators and can let in unwanted heat and cold. Vinyl on the other hand is durable, water-resistant, easy to maintain and will not fade.

The Right Contractor

Have your windows fitted by a reputable residential window replacement professional. This will ensure that your windows are properly fitted.

Replacing your windows is an expensive affair. You want to make sure you get the best out of it. A combination of functionality, aesthetics, safety and energy plus the right contractor will ensure you get value for money.

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