4 Different Styles Of Interior Shutters

If you want to change up the inside of your house, you have a few different options you can choose when you change up the style of your house. Window treatments can really change the style and look of your home. Hanging up interior shutters can really change the feel of your home. There are four primary types of interior shutters that you can hang up in your home.

1. Full Shutters

The first type of shutters that you can install in your home are full shutters. Full shutters cover up your entire window with one piece of shutter. For example, the hinges of the shutter will be on the left side of the window, and you can open the shutter on the right side of the window. The shutter will swing open to the left side of your window, allowing you to see your entire window. They can fold all the way back to the wall if you like.

2. Café Shutters

If you want a little more privacy, while still being able to enjoy a great view, you can install café shutters. With café shutters, the shutters are installed on the bottom half of your window. The shutters are installed and set up so that the bottom half of your window is protected and covered, affording your privacy. The top half of your windows, however, do not have shutters on them at all. This allows you to look outside and enjoy the great view.

3. Double-Hung Shutters

If you want to have more control over your shutters and viewing options, you can install double-hung shutters. Double-hung shutters are similar to double-hung windows. With double-hung shutters, you have two separate sets of shutters on both the bottom and top of your window. These shutters can be full shutters, or they can be folding shutters that fold on themselves.

With double-hung shutters, you can have both levels of the shutters closed. Or you can have the bottom shutters closed and the top shutters open, or vice-versa. You have lots of options for looking outside and maintaining your privacy with double-hung shutters.

4. Divider Rails

If you don't want double hung shutters, go for a divider rail. With a divider rail, you have one unifying set of shutters. However, you are able to close the blinds on the top or bottom shutters. For example, if you want a lot of light coming through the bottom of your window, but you don't want any light coming through the top of the window, you can adjust the shutters so that the top is closed and the bottom is open.

For more information on choosing a window shutters treatment, contact your local professionals.  

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