How Design Styles Affect Window Coverings

You may think that interior decorators do not give much thought to window coverings. After all, the whole point of covering a window is, well, to cover it. It really does not matter much what covers the windows, so long as windows are covered and you have privacy, right? Well, actually, that kind of thinking only fits well with the minimalist style of design. All other design styles have very different approaches to window coverings, and interior decorators and designers really do follow a design style to the letter when you hire them to decorate a room. Here is how different design styles affect window treatment options.


Modern, as it refers to the style, has lots of geometric designs, straight lines, and extremely basic color palettes. As such, your decorator/designer may choose black, white, gray, red, or chrome hues for your window treatments. If you choose blinds, the blinds are typically vertical blinds and not horizontal. If you choose curtains, the curtains will be dense materials with almost no noticeable texture, unless the texture ties into another part of the room. Reds are limited to one or two eye-popping items in the room, just to prevent overkill of black, gray, and white. Other window treatments may be metallic in nature to fit with the use of metals and chrome in modern design. 


Antique design refers to anything that will make a room look more like the farmhouse in which your grandmother may have grown up. In this style of design, colors are soft and muted, and there is a focus on quiet repose and light. Curtains are lacey, lightweight, gossamer, or "shabby chic." Colors range from white and cream to ornate floral embroidery in a wide range of colors. Your decorator/designer may show you a few swatches before selecting curtains made from these fabrics. Whitewood slat horizontal blinds with thick slats are about the only type of blinds used with this style.


Contemporary is a mix of all kinds of styles and colors. It is usually more "on trend" with design preferences in the present moment. You may like the current contemporary looks, or you may not. If you like the swatches and samples your decorator/designer shows you, then you can have him or her build a room around your favorite swatches and samples. Blinds and curtains can be any sort of style or color. The look is sure to be unique regardless of what colors and pieces you choose.  

Once you've picked a design style and discussed it with your interior designer, talk with companies like Shading Concepts to figure out what window coverings will work for you. 

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