Are You Enclosing Your Patio?

Is your first project in 2019 the enclosure of your outdoor patio? Maybe you've decided that you can use this area more by doing so. At the present time, perhaps you are using your patio only during the months that provide nice weather, right? By enclosing it, you will be able to use it even on blistering hot days, on freezing cold days, or even during a dramatic storm. Whatever reason that you are enclosing your patio to make it a part of the regular floor plan, from deciding on your patio door to choosing your furniture, here are some ideas that might help you.

The Patio Doors - Consider having two entrances to your new patio room. The first one would be from the outside into the enclosed patio. The second one would be the door that divides the enclosed patio from the adjoining room. Won't it be nice to be able to come into the enclosed patio after spending time outside? And think about how convenient it will be to have a door that divides the enclosed patio from the rest of your house.

Think of the door you have as your front door. Of course, you selected it because it complemented the design of your house, right? So, when you select the door that leads you from the outdoors into the enclosed patio, consider choosing a door that is very similar to your front door. For example, if you have a red front door, consider selecting a red patio entry door, too. French doors would be a good choice for the ones that divide the enclosed patio from the rest of your house. When you want an open look, that would give you a greater space. When you want the new doors closed, say if you have a group of children watching a movie while adults visit in the next room, the doors can be closed. Choose a design for the French doors that complements the furniture in the adjoining room. Learn more about patio door installation from a local company.

The Furniture - Think of the mood you want to set in your enclosed patio. For example, if you want something very laid-back, select furniture of a casual design. If you are going with something more elegant, traditional wooden furniture with nice upholstery might be your best choice. How will the room be used? For example, if your family loves to work on puzzles and loves to play board games, consider buying a game table as part of the furniture for your newly enclosed patio. 

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