3 Reasons To Add More Windows On The Second Story Of Your Home

If you live in a multi-story home that you love, you may often think about what kind of projects you can take on to improve the space for your whole family. But, you may have already taken on numerous remodeling projects in which you improved the kitchen and living room.

When you would like to make upgrades to the second story, you should consider adding more windows throughout the space because it has a few advantages over the bottom floor.


After walking around the entire house and looking out the windows on a sunny day, you may notice that the windows on the second floor are able to bring in more natural light. This is because the windows are higher up and less likely to have visual obstructions that block the sun.

If you were to add more windows to both floors, you would notice that you get more natural light from the additions that you make on the second story. This makes it beneficial to prioritize the second story when your goal is to increase the natural light in certain areas of your house.


A huge advantage that comes with adding new windows on the top floor is not having to worry about reducing how much privacy your family gets to enjoy. For instance, adding windows on the bottom floor could lead to people on the sidewalk or street getting a better view into the home.

An extra window or two on the second floor will not make it easier to look inside, especially when you do not intend on putting furniture that you sit on next to the new window additions. The one thing that you want to watch out for is other multi-story homes with windows facing yours.


By adding new windows throughout the bottom floor, you will create more opportunities for someone to break into the home by breaching the lock or breaking a window. But, a window on the second floor is likely not going to be easily accessible by anyone without a ladder. This means that you can install numerous windows without having to reduce your home's security.

Putting new windows in your house can come with numerous benefits for your family to enjoy. If you want to maximize the benefits while minimizing the negatives, you should opt for scheduling your new window installation on the second story of your home.

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