Five Things To Consider When Planning A Window Installation

If you are preparing for window installation, the first step is the planning stage. There are several things to keep in mind as you begin to plan.

1. Window Sizes

Not every home has standard-sized windows. Many homes, especially custom homes, may be equipped with custom windows as well. You won't be able to walk into a shop and pick out windows from the shelf. Instead, your contractor must have the ability to make windows of the proper size. Many homes have a combination of standard and custom windows, which means you can choose standard windows for some and then have custom windows made to match the standard ones for the rest.

2. Repair Work

Every window installation job is different, so it's important to have a full consultation with a contractor before committing. Often, the house will need some repairs made once the old windows are removed and before the new windows can be installed. This can be simple work, such as repairing damaged frames or fixing gaps. There may be major issues to address, as well, such is the case if water incursion around the old windows has caused rot problems in the walls and framing.

3. Maintenance Basics

Always know the expected ongoing maintenance for any window type you choose. As a general rule, vinyl and metal windows are the least maintenance intensive, while wood requires the most maintenance. Metal and wood allow for easier updates and color changes, while vinyl color can't be changed but the windows will look like new for much longer.

4. Energy Efficiency

All replacement windows come rated for energy efficiency, so begin by checking the efficiency for the windows you like that are in your budget. You can increase efficiency by opting for double or even triple-paned windows. These windows have multiple layers of glass, with an insulated gas trapped between each layer. Frame construction as well as treatments applied to the glass can also impact efficiency.

5. Window Usage

Finally, consider how you use the window. Is it a pass-through window to an outdoor patio, for example? If so, consider a slider or swing open window that allows you to pass food and dishware through from the kitchen to the patio area. Perhaps you have small children and want the ability to open a window without the kids being able to push out the screen. In this case, then a window that slides open from the top is a good choice. There is a window design for almost any user need.

Contact a window installation contractor to learn more about the options that are available for your home.

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