4 Ways Residential Window Tinting Saves You Money

Window tint does more than make your home more comfortable, it can also save you money. In fact, it can save quite a bit of cash over the lifetime of the tint.

1. Lower Energy Costs

One of the main purposes for window tinting is to lower the energy use in your home. There are various types of tints available, but most are designed for a similar purpose: block heat from entering your home in the summer months and lower your cooling costs. There are also tint options that work to reflect internal temperatures so heat doesn't escape, which can save on energy costs in winter. Always check the energy savings rating on the tint you are considering so you choose the best type for your needs.

2. Cheaper Than a Retrofit

The main savings when it comes to window tinting is that you save over the cost of installing all new windows. Although an upgrade to newer energy-efficient windows is expected to pay for itself over the life of the windows, it can take a decade or longer to reap those savings benefits due to the initial cost of the windows. Tinting costs a fraction of the amount of a new window retrofit but you enjoy similar energy savings. This means you'll reap the savings benefits much more quickly, plus prolong the life of your existing windows.

3. Less Interior Damage

One cost from lots of windows that is often overlooked is the cost of repairing interior damage. The hot sun coming through the glass is almost magnified, which means it can cause dry rot in wooden window sills and frames, fade wall paint, and fade and break down carpet fibers. Even a light tint will reduce the UV radiation and heat, thus preventing these interior damages. While some fading may still occur on wood and walls over a long stretch of time, it will be more superficial and you can likely address it with a fresh coat of paint.

4. Protects Furniture

The same UV rays that damage your home's interior also damage your furniture. Upholstery dear a window will fade and suffer from dry rot. Wood furniture is also affected, as the heat from the incoming sunlight dries up the natural oils in the wood. Heat and light exposure can also damage your technology, whether it's a television or a stereo. Tint, particularly reflective tints, protect your furniture while also reducing interior glares.

If you're interested, contact a local window tinting service to learn more.

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