3 Things Impact-Resistant Windows Can Help Protect Your Home From

There are plenty of choices available to you when choosing new windows for your home. Whether you're looking to save energy, avoid the heat, or reduce noise, there's likely a window that can suit your needs. However, one thing you may want to look into is considering getting an impact-resistant window. Here's how an impact-resistant window could help to protect your home.

Bad Weather

These days, it seems as though bad weather and severe storms are becoming more common all the time. Areas that typically don't experience severe winds or storms like hurricanes are beginning to have them become more common. If you're worried about these storms, there's good reason to be.

Severe weather can come on suddenly, leaving your home vulnerable to the possibility of broken windows. To make matters worse, in severe storms like hurricanes and tornadoes, if windows in your home break, the air pressure change can allow the storm to potentially damage the interior of your home or even cause the roof to come off. By choosing impact-resistant windows, you can greatly reduce this risk and keep your home safe even when winds are at high speeds.


Another thing that impact-resistant windows can help with is avoiding break-ins. Impact-resistant windows are made with more than one layer. When someone tries to smash a window to break into a home, usually it's a simple matter of cracking the glass and then knocking it out to enter. However, with impact-resistant windows, the interior layer of glass is extremely strong, making it very difficult to break all the way through. It also makes it nearly impossible to do so quietly.

This helps to protect your home, especially when paired with a security system that responds to the window being cracked. While a security system on a standard window might not give emergency responders enough time to reach your home before an invader breaks in, impact-resistant windows can either scare the burglar off or delay them long enough to be caught.

Bird Strikes

While there are things you can do to avoid having birds crash into your window, none of them is a sure fix. While it's a good idea to employ tips like putting decals on your windows or keeping the curtains closed to help avoid having birds hit your window, it won't help you much if it happens anyway. When a bird crashes through a window, it can be quite shocking and traumatic for all parties involved. The bird will likely be badly injured, and your home will be covered in broken glass.

With an impact-resistant window, it's extremely unlikely that the bird will actually make it into your home. It may even help to protect them from severe injury, as they won't be exposed to shards of glass that can cut them up and injure them further.

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