The 3 Options To Choose From When You Decide On Casement Windows

Choosing the ideal style for your home is one of the biggest hurdles during construction or remodeling. For instance, it can be a little hard to understand the windows that will work best for your overall home design and architecture since there are so many different styles to choose from. However, this process becomes more manageable when working with a professional window contractor. One of the window designs the contractor may recommend is the casement style window. 

While casement windows depict an overly simple style, they come in several variations to enhance their appearance. Here are three options you get to choose from when installing these windows. 

Those with a Single Frame

Single-frame casement windows are among the oldest and most common styles. They comprise a single frame that has several glass panes. The panes are known as lights. Therefore, you will have lights that either open inwards or outwards within one frame, depending on your installation preferences. 

Typically, you will have wooden strips separating the lights. The advantages of this style include a superior level of ventilation, durability, and affordability. In addition, the window allows you to get maximum ventilation without compromising your property's safety. 

The French Style

The French-style casement is another option that is ideal for most homes. Window installation contractors also refer to it as the double casement style. It comprises two large windows that meet at the center frame and create an extra-elegant look in the home. This is the style that you should invest in if you already have French doors as it will blend in better and harmonize with the overall exterior décor in your home. 

You will find these windows amazing because they are easy to clean and maintain. They can also open wide and bring massive volumes of light into the house. Most importantly, you can use the window as a fire escape route since it provides a large opening. 

The Push-Out Style

This design is a blend between the single and double styles. Usually, you open and close the window using a handle. The installation contractor creates a handle between the turn, lock, and tilt positions. The window is secure, durable, and offers maximum ventilation to your home. 

Ideally, you should consult with your window installation contractor before deciding on the style. First, they will help you in choosing the right window for your home. And so, with their assistance, you will install the casement style that offers you elegance, comfort, energy efficiency, as well as security in your home. Reach out to a casement windows contractor to learn more.

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