Need To Protect Your Windows From Hurricanes? Know Your Options

Do you need to protect your home from the strong winds of hurricanes, but feel overwhelmed by all of your options? If so, it will help to know the differences between the following types of hurricane shutters and other methods to protect your home. 


The cheapest option to protect your home is to place plywood over the windows. It is not going to look pretty and it will be difficult to install in a pinch, but plywood can be very effective by placing a physical barrier over the windows to prevent flying debris and strong winds from breaking the glass.

Storm Panels

Storm panels are essentially corrugated aluminum panels that are placed over your windows. They are the next step up from using plywood but are a lot nicer. It will involve more prep work to install since you need to place tracks around the windows for the storm panels to fit into. Then the panels must be manually placed on the windows prior to a storm.

Accordion Shutters 

Accordion-style shutters are different because of how easy they are to place over your windows. The material folds up into a small box next to your window, so there is no need to dig panels out of storage and place them on your home. You then need to manually pull the material out and secure it in place when you're ready to use them.

Roll Down Shutters

Roll down shutters are similar to accordion shutters, but the material rolls up and down into a box. The main benefit of roll down shutters is that you can purchase automated roll down shutters where all you need to do is press a button to protect your home. These are great for older homeowners that can't get out on a ladder to install storm panels or move the accordion shutters in place. 

Bahama Shutters

Bahama shutters are permanently attached to your home. The panels are attached to the top of the window but stick outward from the bottom at about 45 degrees to let in outside air and natural light. When you need to use them, you pull the shutters inward so they are flush against the window. They're manual shutters, but still easy to operate. 

Colonial Shutters 

You may see colonial shutters used for decorative purposes, but they are quite functional as well. The shutters are attached like a door, with the hinge along the vertical side of the shutters. When not in use, the shutters remain attached to your home as a decorative element on both sides of the window. When they need to be used, you swing them inward to cover the window and latch the two sides together so they remain shut. 

For more information, contact a hurricane shutter installer near you.

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