Common Window Repairs That Your Home Could Require

Window damage is a problem that most homes will eventually encounter. While window damage is a routine issue for a homeowner to have to address, there are many homeowners that are not familiar with the various types of window damage that they may have to repair over the years that they are living in their home.

Replacing Damaged Glass Panes

Damage to the glass panes in the window can be one of the more common and recognizable sources of problems for the windows. When a glass pane breaks, it will potentially allow large amounts of water into the building, and it can even allow pests to enter as well. A homeowner may assume that a broken pane will require the entire window insert to be replaced, but a window repair professional will be able to replace the damaged pane of glass without having to replace the entire insert in the process.

Frame Repair And Replacement

Unfortunately, the frame for your window can suffer major damage that could compromise the entire window until it is replaced. This can occur as a result of strong impacts from storm-blown debris, tree branches, and other items that could strike the frame with enough force to cause structural damage to it. A warning sign that this type of damage has occurred may involve the window being significantly more difficult to open and close due to the damaged frame no longer being correctly aligned. While replacing the window frame can be one of the larger repairs that you may have done, it will only take an experienced contractor a few minutes to a couple of hours to replace the damaged frame insert.

Seal Gaps In The Window Frame

Over the years, a series of gaps in the window frame can develop. These gaps can decrease the energy efficiency of the windows, and they can make it harder to manage the interior humidity and moisture levels. Finding and sealing these gaps will be another common window repair that is needed. During these repairs, the gaps in both the interior and exterior of the window will need to be fully sealed. Luckily, this can be quickly and affordably completed with the use of caulk and other sealants that can block drafts and moisture from entering the home. Without this repair, your windows may develop rot and mold problems that could be far more costly to repair due to needing to replace the entire window frame.

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