3 Tips To Install New Windows Ideal For Cats

Finding the right windows to install at home can be as simple as considering your lifestyle and what will make the most sense for your home. If you have cats and want to accommodate them with the choice of your new windows, there are a lot of different factors that can go into play regarding what's going to be the best fit and how you can have windows that your cats will enjoy.

Include the following features for your new windows to improve how comfortable your cats will be indoors.

Include a Spacious Ledge

Since most cats love looking out of windows, this is an excellent place to start when looking at different window styles. Having a large ledge underneath the window can be a stylish option and have a lot of practical use as well.

Since having furniture too close to the window can make having a large ledge that sticks out a wrong choice, you want to consider what makes the most sense for each window in your home. This may mean having a ledge only on a few windows rather than making it a feature on every window.

Consider the View

As you prepare to have new windows installed at home, you should consider the outside view. Since your cats will likely enjoy looking at birds and other wildlife outside, as well as people passing by, it's a good idea to have the windows positioned to provide a stimulating view for your cats.

Since indoor cats can often become bored, this kind of stimulation can be a great feature to include as you prepare to install new windows and choose their location.

Allow for the Right Airflow

Before you choose new windows to have installed, you also want to consider what kinds of screens will be used. Since you want your cats to be able to enjoy fresh air, you need to be considerate of the screens that are fitted in the windows.

It might not make sense to choose the cheapest screens available simply due to the danger for your indoor cat if they tore through the screen. Since some screens can be of poor quality, look for a more secure option that's reinforced and won't lead to a large hole being made.

Considering all the options for new windows and what makes sense for your cat can help you feel much more secure in choosing windows for your home. By including them in your window installation decision, you won't be trying to restrict your cat from looking outside or shooing them away from the windows.

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